Lancaster Police Department

405 E. Arch Street, Lancaster, SC

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Our Patch & Department History

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Departmental Photograph, Circa 1940's


Departmental Photograph, Circa 1950's


Departmental Photograph, Circa 1960's


Departmental Photograph, Circa 1970's


1989 Departmental Photograph


1991 Departmental Photograph

2005 Departmental Photograph

The first patch worn by our department was a wedge shaped gray and blue “Red-Rose” patch that was made of felt.  This patch was worn on a gray uniform shirt.  The uniform shirt was light gray and the pants were dark colored. It was introduced by Chief Johnny Carnes sometime during the 1950's. (The first FD patch was exactly the same except it had FIRE rather than POLICE)

The Coat-of-Arms patch was designed by Chief Larry Lower in 1972 and was first worn from 1972 – 1990.  He changed the uniform from the above described gray uniform to the following; a light blue shirt with navy blue pocket flaps and epaulets.  the pants were changed to navy blue with a light blue braid that matched the shirt.  The US Flag was worn on the right sleeve.  Members of the Command staff wore white shirts.  In 1978, Chief Arthur "Mac" McKeown changed the uniform shirt to navy blue and the flag on the right sleeve was later replaced with a duplicate Coat of Arms Patch by Chief Frank Harris. 

In 1990, Chief Bill Sumner introduced a new patch with a red rose in the center.  This patch was introduced when the police department moved from 112 N. Main St. to the current location at 405 E. Arch St.  The braid on the pants were changed from light blue to a 1/4" royal blue braid. 

That patch was modified in 1994 by former Captain Steve Willis (now County Administrator) to add the city’s motto “Forward Together, The Spirit of Lancaster”.   The braid was changed again from a 1/4" royal blue braid to a 1/2" royal blue braid.  In 1996, Chief Benny Webb replaced the command staff's white shirts with navy blue.  Chief Webb also added the Hash marks, or service stripes, to the uniforms.  They are small stripes worn near the bottom of the left sleeve on long-sleeved uniforms.  Each stripe represents five years of service. 

In 1999, the *Coat-of-Arms patch was reintroduced by Chief Jimmy Balkcum with minimal modifications. The new patch is fully embroidered. Gold piping is now used for the command staff and royal blue for uniformed patrol.

In 2007, the Police Department switched to a subdued Coat-of-Arms Patch.  This patch is worn with the Class A Uniform which is a Black Poly/Wool blend dress uniform.